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Founded in 1978 to service the townships of Jefferson, Miami, Jackson and the cities of Germantown, Trotwood, West Carrollton & Moraine and Miamisburg.

At Jefferson regional Water Authority, our mission is to provide high quality, potable water which meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and community environmental concerns in the most cost-effective manner for the health, safety, welfare, and economic stability of the community. To enhance environmental awareness and compliance by providing sound environmental support and guidance to the communities we service. 

  • Tara Rinehart, Office Manager

  • Aimee Taylor, Clerk

  • Nick Johnson, Superintendent

  • Chris Wooten, Utility Worker

  • Seth Izor, Utility Worker

  • Mitchell McFall, Utility Worker


  • Water Supply & Treatment

  • Water Rates

  • Environmental Management

  • Back-flow Test Report

  • Water Shut Off and On

  • Taps, Services, etc.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Water Main Breaks

  • Fire Hydrant Flushing

  • Boil Advisory

  • Emergency Services

JEFFERSON REGIONAL WATER AUTHORITY It is very important, that we have current contact information for our members and water users. This allows us to contact you when we see a potential problem with your water usage and provide us another contact method for notification of boil advisories. Having to place notices at address locations is costly with the increasing cost of gas for the vehicles. We ask that when you send in your payment or call the office to let us know your preferred phone contact number. If you have a second contact number we can place that in our system as well. We would also appreciate you providing us with your email address. Although we currently do not provide electronic billing options, this is a cost effective method we would like to use in the future. Please remember to contact us when this information changes in the future.
Thank You.

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